Friday, June 18, 2010

What to do with cabbage!

From Jenny Also Cooks

Sorry for posting two entries right after the other, but I've been doing a lot of new recipes lately because of all the garden produce. You see, I grew a few things that I wasn't sure I actually liked, cabbage topping that list. I just never really know what to DO with it. You can only eat coleslaw so many times, plus I'm not really sure I like it to begin with.

The last cookbook I purchased was Simply in Season, from the same group that did More With Less and Extending the Table. The cookbook is divided into four seasons, and the index is well done by recipe name as well as produce involved. The recipes are designed to address certain periods of abundance in the garden, and there was practically a cabbage section! I chose the cabbage au gratin since I had all the ingredients, including a few newly ripe carrots. It was a simple preparation but is a great comfort food, and I would probably make it again. I think it would be great sprinkled with bacon, which we don't eat, but I may try it with soy bacon bits.


  1. Yumm! If you're looking for more cabbage recipes, this is one of my favorites:

  2. You need to embrace some Thai cuisine, where the use cabbage, raw, finely cut, just as salad beneath some tofu chunks, dressed with Mae Ploy sauce. Yum!