Friday, August 12, 2011

Creamy Greens Soup

Creamy Greens Soup
I have an ARC of Quick-Fix Veganby Robin Robertson, and will be trying a few recipes from it to aid my review of the cookbook for NetGalley.

I expected it to be great. Robin Robertson is my favorite vegan cookbook guru, consistently creating recipes that are tasty even to people who haven't gone without meat for a long time. This recipe was no exception. I used all kale for the greens, and doubled up on the garlic, the greens, and the broth, but kept the coconut milk and onion the same. So it is *almost* the recipe from the book (this happened on accident... I added more greens than I was supposed to and then had to fix it). I also added a cup and a half of cooked cannellini beans that were indicated as an option in the recipe for a heartier, meal-type soup. This recipe scared me halfway through when I tasted it, right after adding the coconut milk and the greens had just finished cooking - it had a weird sweetness and I was worried, but the last simmer brought all the flavors together, and it was delicious.

This is a great recipe for people who have more greens than they know what to do with! I can't get enough greens. I'd love to try this recipe again with radish greens, which just happen to be my favorite.


  1. Sounds quite yummy! Not sure about the greens as T. is sensitive to oxalic acid & greens tend to be very high, depending on the kind of green ... but may see if this will work with kale. :)